What We Do

We service residential and commercial customers in Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas within a 50 mile radius including southern Mississippi.

GenPro provides standby generator solutions that will greatly reduce the impact of power outages including:

  • Failing security equipment
  • Loss of medical equipment that could become life threatening
  • Food spoilage in refrigerators and freezers
  • Loss of communication such as phone, TV, radio and computers
  • Inconveniences such as loss of hot water, dishwasher, clothes washer and garage door openers

Businesses could lose revenue even with a short term outage:

  • Refrigeration outage spoils tons of food in retail and restaurants
  • Loss of security and safety equipment

Free Estimates

GenPro will schedule a site visit to:

  • Perform a power needs analysis
  • Help you decide if you would like essential coverage, whole house coverage or managed whole house coverage based on your needs and budget
  • Determine placement of your generator

Turnkey Installations

GenPro will take care of everything:

  • Apply for all required permits
  • Make all contacts with your power provider
  • Install a foundation for your generator to sit on and anchor to
  • Complete electrical installation
  • Fuel supply connection
  • Perform a startup to ensure generator is functioning properly
  • File the registration with the manufacturer to start your warranty

24 Hr Emergency Service

We offer a 24 hour call service that can dispatch a technician after hours in an emergency.

Scheduled Maintenance

Like your car, routine maintenance is critical to maintain your generator’s optimal performance.

  • We offer Annual, Bi-Annual (twice a year), and Quarterly Maintenance Programs.
    (Annual maintenance is often required to maintain your warranty.)
  • We have a 77 point checklist we use to ensure a complete service and inspection and you will receive a copy of the report.
  • We offer competitive rates


Our generator technicians are factory trained and certified.

  • We carry multiple parts on our service trucks and can often repair your generator in one service call.
  • We are authorized to service several brands of generator and we take care of filing the warranty for you.

Load Bank Testing

Load bank testing allows standby power systems to be tested and exercised under load to verify its overall reliability to perform in an emergency situation. When a load bank is used, the artificial load it provides brings the system up to an acceptable operating temperature allowing cooling system controls to be properly exercised and coolant to be circulated through the radiator. In addition, the engine’s safety shutdown systems are subjected to actual operating conditions.

For diesel engines, bringing the generator set up to operating temperature also eliminates excessive fuel build up or unburned fuel deposits that have collected in the combustion chamber, injector nozzles, piston rings, turbocharger and exhaust system. Regular load bank testing burns off the accumulated deposits and preserves the engines output capacity.

The load bank also checks the engine’s ability to provide the required horsepower over time, frequency stability and the alternator’s ability to provide the required voltage stability.


Many generators now have monitoring systems available that can send alerts straight to your phone! Contact GenPro to find out more about this exciting technology!


Ask GenPro about our financing options to make the purchase of a generator even more affordable!

For all your standby generator installations, information and repairs, or to arrange a quotation, call and speak with the standby generator experts at GenPro LLC., today.

Installing Your Home Generator

If you’re like most, you’re probably wondering what’s involved with a generator installation. Well, you’ve come to the right place.

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