Installing Your Home Generator

If you’re like most, you’re probably wondering what’s involved with a generator installation. Well, you’ve come to the right place.

What’s involved, and where do I start? 

One thing to keep in mind – this is not a DIY project. It all begins with a home visit from us.

We will help you choose the perfect size generator, the right fuel source and the best installation locations for your generator and transfer switch. Most installations take a day or two. And we will take care of it all. We’ll coordinate a team of licensed electricians and plumbers to make sure the job’s done right.

Here’s How It Works

How Much Will It Cost?

Installation costs vary significantly from home to home due to the ease/difficulty of installing your fuel source (propane or natural gas). A simple installation can start at $2,000, but costs may be substantially more based on individual situations. We recommend a professional site survey for a more accurate quote.

What About Permits? 

Kick your feet up and rest easy. Where permits are required we will handle local permits and ordinances so you don’t have to.


GenPro’s Full Installation Process

A thorough job means a satisfied customer

Free Estimates

A sales representative will meet with you to determine your generator needs.



We will provide you with a proposal based on the information our sales representative gathered when we met with you.

No sales tax is included in the proposal and will be added where applicable.


Deposit/Proposal Contract

If the proposal is accepted, a proposal contract and invoice indicating the deposit amount will be created and sent to you.


Ordering of Equipment

Once the signed proposal contract and deposit are received your equipment will be ordered.



We will begin to prepare for the generator’s delivery by pouring a concrete foundation, if this was included in your proposal. Many generators now have a prepared concrete foundation as an alternative to a poured slab, allowing a lower proposed price and shorter installation time.


Electrical Connections

Our technicians will install the generator’s electrical system to prepare for connection to your home. You do not have to be home at this time unless your panel is located inside the house. We will make arrangements with the electrical power company to schedule connections to the electrical service. This requires a power outage ranging from 2 to 8 hours, depending on the power company’s response time. You do not have to be home when this occurs, unless your panel is located inside your home.


Fuel Supply Connection

Our technicians will install the generator’s fuel supply system. You do not have to be home while the work is being performed, but we will need you to return when we finish so we can relight the pilot lights.

We will make arrangements with your fuel provider to make an appointment to upsize your meter if needed. You DO have to be home when this occurs so the fuel company can relight the pilot lights.



Once the new gas meter is installed you can contact us to schedule a startup in which we start the generator, test its operations, and provide a demonstration to you and answer any questions you might have.

Final payment is due at startup.

Request a Consultation

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